Sports at FCRI

The department of Physical Education & sports is established in FCRI right from the beginning of the institution 2016. It is consisting adequate facilities for Games and Sports in 15.00 acres of land in the campus. We have vide scope with 52 acres of land for the development of sports such as Indoor Shuttle Badminton, Basketball cement Court, Tennis Courts and Open Gym etc. The play fields Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Throwball, Handball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Tennikoit, Shuttle Badminton, Ball Badminton, 200 meters track along with 400 meters Walking Track is available for regular practice. Indoor Games like Table Tennis, Carroms, Chess and well-equipped Gymnasium for men and Fitness items for women are also available. Our college runs under Residential mode and we award credits for their participation in physical training as part of our curriculum. The Department runs its activities throughout the year with a Motto “Walk for health Jog for Fitness and Run for Competition”.

a. Physical Director Dr. K. Prabhu
b. Physical Instructor Sri. A. Naresh

a. Total No of Rooms Allotted Four
b. Department Office One
c. Indoor Games & Stores One
d. Gym - Boys Hostel One
e. Fitness center – Girls Hostel One

Name Qualification Designation Experience Specialization
Dr. K. Prabhu M.A., M.P. Ed, M.Phil, NIS (cert), SLET, Ph.D. Physical Director/Sports officer 34 Years Kabaddi & Yoga
Sri. A. Naresh B.Sc., B.P. Ed Physical Instructor/Sports coach 2 Years Volley ball & Ball Badminton

Regular Activities :

Physical Training : Daily Time Table

Time Activities
6.00 AM Assembly & Attendance
6.10 AM Physical Training
- Walking
- Jogging
- Running
- Sprint
- Warming up
6.40 AM - Drill/Marching
- Yoga/Callisthenic Exercise
7.00 AM - Assembly & Disperse

Time Activities
5.15 PM Assembly & Attendance
5.30 PM Games & Sports
- Practice
- coaching
- Intramurals
- Recreation
6.15 PM - Special coaching
- Preparation for external competitions
6.45 PM - Assembly & Disperse

Physical Training :

SL. No. Day Morning Session Evening Session
1. Monday General PT Regular Games Coaching
2. Tuesday Mass Drill/Yoga Students practice sessions and guidance
3. Wednesday General PT Indore Games /Optional Games Practice
4. Thursday Marching/Calisthenics Gym and Fitness training sessions
5. Friday Cross Country/Strength Building Recreation / Friendly Matches
6. Saturday Issue of Games Materials Grounds preparations Maintenance

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