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Welcome to FCRI

Professional Forestry Education for the First Time in Telangana State

FCRI Hyderabad, the brain child of our visionary Chief Minister
is established in the year 2016.

Curriculum Approach


Curriculum includes professional forestry courses along with biological, environmental, social and management sciences. It enables exposure to fundamental principles of multiple use forestry and ecosystem management.


An Integrated forestry syllabi in accordance with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) at national level to cater the needs of local and global.


The balanced academic programme unlocks the potential and hones the strengths and abilities of individuals to gain confidence to push one towards new horizons. The Mentorship programme will guide the students for academic excellence.


Courses Offered


(Hons.) Forestry


(Hons.) Forestry

B.Sc. (Hons.) Forestry curriculum contains an integrated forestry syllabus in accordance with ICAR guidelines, the 1st & 2nd semesters comprises of basic and fundamental courses.





Forest College and Research Institute, Hyderabad is established in 2016 with the objective of providing professional forestry education for the first time in the state of Telangana.





The course will commence from year 2022.



Dr. S. J. Asha, IFS

Dean, FCRI Hyderabad

The Forest College and Research Institute (FCRI) extends you a warm welcome.

The professional forestry education is introduced for the first time in Telangana State under the visionary guidance of Hon`ble Chief Minister, Telangana.

It is aimed at bringing out forestry professionals by introducing B.Sc(Hons.) Forestry, M.Sc. Forestry and PhD. Forestry programmes.

The institution is also aimed at providing an outstanding learning environment, promoting research, management and outreach to the farmers.

Department of Silviculture and Agroforestry

Department of Natural Resource Management & Conservation

Department of Wildlife & Habitat Management

Department of Basic & Social Sciences

Department of Forest Products & Utilization

Department of Tree Breeding & Improvement

Department of Forest Ecology & Climate Science

Department of Library & Information Science

Department of Physical Education

What our students say about FCRI


Chutturi Mahesh

Chutturi Mahesh

FCRI provides you a curriculum that not just bounds to four walls, but makes you much more aware of real-time situations in a practical approach.


Munagala Pavithra

Munagala Pavithra

It gave me a wider platform to become who I am now. This college has moulded me into a different version of myself and has given me a strong foundation in both curriculum and extracurricular activities.


Chaitra Kanala

Chaitra Kanala

Our college is a heaven of learning, practical competence and hands on skills. It has a peaceful environment to work on ourselves.

Emerging as a World Class Institution for

Forestry Education, Research, Management and Outreach.