Wood Workshop & Wood Products

Wood Workshop & Wood Products

FCRI has established a wood workshop, initially to cater to the needs of students practical classes and research programs. Now it has been upgraded as a full-time workshop cum processing centre, which provides a complete facility with different kinds of machineries. Today FCRI produces various creative artistic wood products and bamboo products, which are also available for sale.

These are the following machineries available at the wood workshop/wood processing centre:

  1. Band Saw
  2. Surface Planner
  3. Drill Machine
  4. Horizontal and Vertical Mortiser
  5. Sanding Machine
  6. Hot and Cold press
  7. Resin Kettle
  8. Wood Crusher Machine
  9. Circular Saw
  10. Compressor

FCRI allows external access to any or all of the above facilities by submitting proper service request form. For further information, please contact.

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