Having the capacity of 300 members, Mess of FCRI "Kalpatharu" is managed by students with the help of mess coordinator. Mess functions and activities are carried out by mess committee. As a part of daily activity, the mess begins at 8 in the morning with breakfast followed by Lunch at 1pm, they also serve snacks 4.45 with dinner at 8. The mess has adequate number of plates, glasses and proper kitchen necessities like fridges, Grinders and etc. The mess has a staff of 1 head master, 4 cooking assistants and 4 for cleaning department.

All the necessary precautions are being taken like cleaning regularly with Dettol, providing handwash and mosquito repellents are being installed to avoid flies. The mess provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. There is allocated menu for every day which will be prepared by mess committee with the choices of the students. Every student has to pay the mess bill allocated by the mess committee by the 10th of every month, if failed then fines will be imposed on the individual.

FCRI also has a Student Stationary and cafeteria which serves as a hang out zone and also provides all the essentials, stationary and some ready made snacks.

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